I thought you wanted me. Show me you love me and put these on.

I do. I want you so bad I can’t stand it. Why are you doing this, Sabrina? Why are you acting like this? I DO love you and I DO want to fuck you.

I have my reasons. Now put on the panties like you were told.

My cock is throbbing.  You’ve been playing with it all day. Why can’t we have sex like we usually do, like we did Thursday night?

Because that was before and this is now.

Before what? What in the hell are you talking about?

Here, I am just going to run my nail under and around your balls while I tell you, honey. Does that feel good, baby?

Aghhh… Let’s go to bed, Sabrina. I want to fuck you so bad.

Ewe…you’re dripping onto my wrist. Here, lick it off, you nasty boy.

Christ, Sabrina.

Thursday night was before you flirted with Callie. Now, lick it off or I’ll dig these French nails into your balls. DO IT!

Ok! There! Are you happy now? And I was just talking to Callie, not flirting. Who told you I was flirting with her?

Don’t worry about that right now. Would you like me to play with your cock? Rub it and make it feel good?

Please, baby, please! I’ll do anything.

Then put on these panties, and I’ll give you a nice treat. You want a treat don’t you?

This is stupid. I didn’t flirt with Callie.

You heard me. If that cock wants my attention, you better do what you’re told.

Ok, Sabrina. You win. How’s this? Satisfied?

Almost. Awe! Your cock looks so pretty, pressed against that satin. How do they feel?

They’re kind of tight.

I guess I will have to buy some in your size. Now sit in this chair and close your eyes.


You want your treat or not?

Alright, I’m sitting in the damn chair and closing my eyes. But what do you mean you are going to buy me panties. What are you talking about? Hey, wait!  What in the hell are you doing?

Shhhhh… Be a good boy. There we go. These handcuffs aren’t too tight, are they?

This is crazy, let me go. Aghhh…

See, baby, I love you sooo much! Doesn’t my hand feel good, stroking that fatty of yours through the panties? Oooh… You are so hard, honey. And you’re leaking!

Damn it! Unlock these handcuffs! My balls are aching! I need to cum!

Here, I am just going to lift up my skirt and straddle your lap. Mmmm… That big dick feels so good rubbing up against my pussy. Maybe I should take off my panties so we can get it inside. Oh, you are the one in panties, not me. Tee Hee.

Urgh…. Arghhh… Please, Sabrina, please!

No, darling, there won’t be any cumming for that hard dick of yours today! Maybe not for a long time. But it’s what’s best. I promise.

What do you mean, it’s best? How can it be best? My balls are aching!

You need to learn to behave and not flirt. We know it’s not your fault. Of course it isn’t. You love me, after all. So we need to train that nasty little pecker of yours. Then everything will be fine.

What in the hell are you talking about? Who is the “we” you are talking about?

Why, me and Callie, of course! She should be here any minute. She’s offered to help me with the training. She’s such a good friend.


Just get comfortable, honey. You are going to be eating a lot of pussy tonight.