1. Smelling the lilac print panties and jerking off. They were your sister’s.
  2. The crack whore you fucked every night for two weeks. In your mother’s bed. You didn’t even bother to change the sheets before she came home from vacation.
  3. The Dominatrix you saw in Phoenix. She fucked your ass. So did her dog.
  4. How many times have you beat off thinking about your wife’s friend? Her sister? Her mother? Her colleague?
  5. The guy you sucked off at the rest stop.
  6. The girl you fucked in the ass. Then you made her suck your cock. She was crying the entire time, but she loved you and did it. And you didn’t care.
  7. Your daughter’s friends. A little young for you, eh? But then, nobody but you knows what you’re thinking about when you fuck your wife…do they?
  8. Bet you’ve never told anyone about the threesome in Mexico and everything they put up your ass that night.
  9. The gangbang after the football game when you were a senior. You went last–after four of your buddies. Why did you go down on her before you fucked her? Did you like the taste of all that spooge mixed together?
  10. The time you wore your wife’s panties to work under your Dockers.