“Enforced chastity is no easy thing, let me tell you.”

“I never said it would be easy. Did you ever hear those words from my mouth?”

“But, Sarah, you never said for three months at a time.”

“No I didn’t. But I did say if you really wanted me to move in with you, you would have to follow my rules. ”

He moans and looks down at the chastity cage around his groin. When he’d agreed to this, he never knew just how good she was, how determined to have her way. She knows him well and uses his every weakness, every fetish, to tighten her control.

“You were pussy-whipped before I moved in. How many times did I fuck you during the eight months we dated. Three times? Maybe four? ”

“But, Sarah! From June until September?”

“Don’t be such a whiner. I do let you play with it once in a while, don’t I?

“Yeah, with a cock ring on so I can’t cum. It’s torture.”

“Well then, we’ll make it easier on you. I won’t let you play with it anymore. Would that be better?”

“Honestly, I really think it would.”

Sarah smiles, reaching down to graze her nails across the cool, smooth surface of the Houdini, then taps it with her fingernails. One month into his Cum Restriction Program, as Sarah has so aptly named it, he feels every little percussion as it vibrates down the length of his shaft and into the base of his balls. “Christ,” he rasps, “Do you have any idea what that does to me?”

“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t play with it.”

“Fuck! I want pussy, damn it!”

“Well, darling, why didn’t you just say so,” Sarah simpers as she takes him by the hand and leads him to the bedroom. “Your wish is my command, as they say.” Giggling, she pushes him into the Naughty Chair. Before he can protest, she’s locked his hands into handcuffs behind his back. “That’s because you don’t want to play with that demanding cock of yours anymore, so you won’t be needing those hands.” She is in front of him, beaming. “But guess what, honey? I want to play with it. I’ll be right back.”


But she is gone. As he sits waiting, wondering what she is up to, he hears her moving about in her dressing room–his home office until she’d moved in–rustling clothes, opening drawers, rattling hangers. What in the hell? What kind of trouble am I into now. I should have kept my stupid mouth shut. She’s too damned good at this.

And then he hears the click of high heels.

Stifling a sob, he feels his cock twitch and strain against it’s unyielding bulwark. Jesus-fucking-Christ, how am I going to stand two more months of this? If Sarah is putting on heels, she intends to show him no mercy. “Damn, please, no…” he mutters as Sarah walks into the room.

“So you want pussy, huh?”

“Please, Sarah.”

But he can’t take his eyes off of her. She stands before him in the navy satin stilettos he’d bought her after she’d fucked him the first time. Those, a cobalt lacy garter belt and a pair of taupe stockings. Nothing else. Her smooth mound and perfectly shaped coral pussy lips are right in front of his face.

” Oh God, Sarah. Please.”

“You want pussy?”

She bends her right knee, placing the heel of her stiletto against the back of his neck. Her moist slit open like an O’Keefe flower. “Here’s your pussy. Now suck. Suck like the cum-denied, pussy-whipped boy you are.” Then she is pressing against him, her moist muskiness engulfing his face.

“After you make me cum–and you will make me cum…”

Sarah stops, grabbing his hair and pulling his wet face up to look at her.

“After you make me cum, pussy boy, I’m going to put you in your cock ring. Then I am going to take all that lovely cunt cum and massage it into your dick. And I am not taking off the ring.”

She shoves his face back between her legs and begins a slow grind. “Do you understand,” she asks, her voice breathy. Sucking and licking and groaning, he moves his head up and down. Yes, yes, he understands. He loves eating her and she knows it. Just like she knows that stilettos and stockings always drive him wild.

“There will be no cumming for you, my love. This is just the beginning.”

Grabbing the back of his head she starts fucking his face.

“It’s going to be…”

She starts pumping harder and faster.

“a very long…”

A series of gasps now puncuate every word.

“very hard…”

And then she is screaming and cumming all over his face.