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The Long Hard (very hard) Summer

“Enforced chastity is no easy thing, let me tell you.”

“I never said it would be easy. Did you ever hear those words from my mouth?”

“But, Sarah, you never said for three months at a time.”

“No I didn’t. But I did say if you really wanted me to move in with you, you would have to follow my rules. ”

He moans and looks down at the chastity cage around his groin. When he’d agreed to this, he never knew just how good she was, how determined to have her way. She knows him well and uses his every weakness, every fetish, to tighten her control.

“You were pussy-whipped before I moved in. How many times did I fuck you during the eight months we dated. Three times? Maybe four? ”

“But, Sarah! From June until September?”

“Don’t be such a whiner. I do let you play with it once in a while, don’t I?

“Yeah, with a cock ring on so I can’t cum. It’s torture.”

“Well then, we’ll make it easier on you. I won’t let you play with it anymore. Would that be better?”

“Honestly, I really think it would.”

Sarah smiles, reaching down to graze her nails across the cool, smooth surface of the Houdini, then taps it with her fingernails. One month into his Cum Restriction Program, as Sarah has so aptly named it, he feels every little percussion as it vibrates down the length of his shaft and into the base of his balls. “Christ,” he rasps, “Do you have any idea what that does to me?”

“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t play with it.”

“Fuck! I want pussy, damn it!”

“Well, darling, why didn’t you just say so,” Sarah simpers as she takes him by the hand and leads him to the bedroom. “Your wish is my command, as they say.” Giggling, she pushes him into the Naughty Chair. Before he can protest, she’s locked his hands into handcuffs behind his back. “That’s because you don’t want to play with that demanding cock of yours anymore, so you won’t be needing those hands.” She is in front of him, beaming. “But guess what, honey? I want to play with it. I’ll be right back.”


But she is gone. As he sits waiting, wondering what she is up to, he hears her moving about in her dressing room–his home office until she’d moved in–rustling clothes, opening drawers, rattling hangers. What in the hell? What kind of trouble am I into now. I should have kept my stupid mouth shut. She’s too damned good at this.

And then he hears the click of high heels.

Stifling a sob, he feels his cock twitch and strain against it’s unyielding bulwark. Jesus-fucking-Christ, how am I going to stand two more months of this? If Sarah is putting on heels, she intends to show him no mercy. “Damn, please, no…” he mutters as Sarah walks into the room.

“So you want pussy, huh?”

“Please, Sarah.”

But he can’t take his eyes off of her. She stands before him in the navy satin stilettos he’d bought her after she’d fucked him the first time. Those, a cobalt lacy garter belt and a pair of taupe stockings. Nothing else. Her smooth mound and perfectly shaped coral pussy lips are right in front of his face.

” Oh God, Sarah. Please.”

“You want pussy?”

She bends her right knee, placing the heel of her stiletto against the back of his neck. Her moist slit open like an O’Keefe flower. “Here’s your pussy. Now suck. Suck like the cum-denied, pussy-whipped boy you are.” Then she is pressing against him, her moist muskiness engulfing his face.

“After you make me cum–and you will make me cum…”

Sarah stops, grabbing his hair and pulling his wet face up to look at her.

“After you make me cum, pussy boy, I’m going to put you in your cock ring. Then I am going to take all that lovely cunt cum and massage it into your dick. And I am not taking off the ring.”

She shoves his face back between her legs and begins a slow grind. “Do you understand,” she asks, her voice breathy. Sucking and licking and groaning, he moves his head up and down. Yes, yes, he understands. He loves eating her and she knows it. Just like she knows that stilettos and stockings always drive him wild.

“There will be no cumming for you, my love. This is just the beginning.”

Grabbing the back of his head she starts fucking his face.

“It’s going to be…”

She starts pumping harder and faster.

“a very long…”

A series of gasps now puncuate every word.

“very hard…”

And then she is screaming and cumming all over his face.


Her Princess Cunt

“Never underestimate the power of your cunt,” Martin had said to Addison not so many years ago.   And he’d meant it.  From the bottom of his heart.

And Addison, being smart and a bit on the wicked side, took his words to heart. It was easy to put two and two together–his words and his ongoing fascination with her pussy. The attention he directed to the V at the top of her thighs was different from what she’d experienced with other guys. They liked it, they liked it a lot. But Martin was absolutely obsessed. And it was this obsession that was his downfall. It made him stupid and weak, and easily manipulated.

So it didn’t take long–a matter of weeks perhaps–until Addison had Martin exactly where she wanted him: On his knees, cum-denied and at her service. It wasn’t the relationship she’d envisioned as a little girl dreaming of prince charming. It was, in fact much better in that she was most certainly a princess. A spoiled princess. Martin’s princess.

Tonight Addison was conducting a scent training session. Martin knelt before her, naked and eager, an obedient puppy moaning and mewling every time she tugged on his cock leash. “What do you want Puppy Martin? What do you want from Princess Addison?” Giving Martin’s cockleash two quick tugs, she widened the gap of her already spread legs, feeling the rose-print panties stretching tight into the slit of her cunt.

“Ooooh! Those panties feel so good against my clit, Martin. I may have to have you lick me tonight instead of just smelling.”

“Yes. Yes, please Princess Addison. I will lick your cunt. I will lick you cunt and make you cum so good. Please Princess. Please let me.”

“Don’t think for a minute that if I DO let you lick this cunt that I will let you cum. You get lazy and inattentive once you cum and I am not in the mood for such silliness. Do you understand, Puppy Martin?”

“Yes, Princess.” I will be good.. I promise to be soooo good for Princess.”

Addison giggled. During their entire exchange, Martins eyes had been ogling her panty-covered cunt, while at the same time his cock was jerking and twitching and a long, pearly string of precum was now dangling from its head.

“Oh, Martin. You are just too cute. I don’t dare let you lick my Princess cunt. You just might lose control. But we will continue with the scent training. Would you like that?”

She tugged on his cock leash three times and saw the gooseflesh rising all over his naked flesh as he whimpered. “Crawl over here between my legs. That’s it. Now rest your head against this thigh and watch as I pull these panties into my slit and get them all wet with Princess juices.”

Sliding her tailbone to the edge of the chair and spreading her legs even wider, Addison grinded her clit and vulva into the panty crotch, feeling the wetness there spread. Martin groaned and she could actually see his nostrils flaring.

“Can you smell it, Martin? Can you smell your Princess’s cunt?”

Martin groaned again, this time louder and longer.

“Let’s proceed with the training then.”

With that, Addison put her hands and the back of Martin’s head, pulling his face into her crotch.

“Smell, Puppy Martin. Smell my Princess Cunt until I tell you to stop.”

Wrapping her left leg around his neck, Addison picked up the book from the chairside table and began reading.

Martin began his breathing lesson with gusto.


I am watching you watching her. You aren’t even aware of me as you press your arm against your crotch, thinking nobody will see. Just a little rub. Ahhh.

But I see.

You waited there at the fountain watching her shop. Waited until she finally bent over to retrieve her dropped sunglasses. The flash of her white panties. That was what you were waiting for.

I wonder how often you do that. Waiting to see if you will get a little peek. A peek at something you can’t have.

Because you’re a pervert. A wreck of a little man that can’t get laid. Aren’t you?

How many pairs have you stolen? I know you have. Your sisters? Your aunts? Perhaps you watched a friend’s house while he vacationed and rummaged though his wife’s hamper? Finding a soiled pair at the bottom, then masturbating as you sniffed the still-moist crotch.

Pathetic little wanker, aren’t you? But I can almost understand. Because that’s about as close as you’ll ever get to pussy, isn’t it?



“You wouldn’t dare!”

I hoped I sounded cocky, my usual smart-ass self. But, from the look on her face, Samantha wasn’t buying it. Mindy was laughing, watching Samantha as she taunted and teased me. And since I was tied up, there wasn’t much I could do about any of it. Samantha smiled, leaning over my torso, stretching to adjust the leather straps holding my wrists to the bed post.

“You think so, huh?” Then, looking back at Mindy, “Tell him what I was doing this afternoon.”

Because of her petite frame, girlish titties and wispy yellow hair, everybody assumed Mindy was innocent. And she played it for all it was worth. Always wearing tiny tank tops so you could see the hard little buds of her nips through the cotton. And then those wafer-thin sandals, ankle bracelets and toe rings. A lot of the time she even wore her hair in those little-girl braids or pony tails. And the guys ate it up. But I knew better. She was a wicked little thing and dangerous as hell. Now she was looking at me, and I didn’t like that smirk on her face.

“Samantha and I were drinking beer.”

So what, I was thinking and probably would have figured out what Mindy meant pretty quickly if right then she hadn’t distracted me, suddenly pulling up that swatch of pink cloth that went for her skirt and smiling at me.

“Uh, Samantha, honey? Your girlfriend forgot her panties.”

I couldn’t believe what came next. Samantha walked right over to Mindy and knelt in front of her, pulling those small pouty lips apart and putting her tongue right in the open slit. But my cock believed it. Oh boy did it believe it! It was pushing against the zipper of my jeans in no time flat. Of course little Miss Mindy noticed right away.

“Lover boy’s getting a hard-on.”

Samantha was so wrapped up in Mindy’s snatch, I’m not even sure she even heard me. I was starting to get a little peeved. I mean what was the point of all of this? But then Mindy moaned and grabbed Samantha’s head, her fingers pushing through the brunette curls, and started pumping her hips. I wanted loose. Mindy or no Mindy, I wanted some of that action. And Samantha knew it. I’d been begging since we’d moved in together to try a three-way with me. I knew she’d been with girls before we got together, yet she always brushed me off, said she was done with “all of that.” So what was she up to?

“Samantha, come on. Untie me.”

She turned, her hands splayed across Mindy’s pelvis, looking across at me from down on her knees. I thought I was going to cum in my pants, right then and there. Her beautiful, naturally pink lips were smeared with Mindy’s juices. I couldn’t help it. I moaned.

And that is when they knew they had me. Next thing I know they were on the bed crawling all over me, rearranging this, untying that, pushing me here, retying there. I was helpless. And, I’ll admit it, I really didn’t mind. Both girls rubbing up against me as they got me where they wanted me.

Anyway, next think I know, while my left hand is still tied to the headboard, my right hand is now tied to my cock and Samantha is squatting over my cock. Mindy is perched above my head, that smooth open pussy almost dripping on me. I swear her clit was the size of a grape. And I wanted it. I wanted it bad.

“Stroke your cock and I’ll let you get a taste of that,” Samantha said as she lowered her hips down a little. I could see her spread right over my crotch and instinctively squeezed my buttocks and thrust my hips up. She pulled back quickly.

“No, no, no….”

“Please, Samantha, just untie me. Let’s play. Come on, honey.”

“Oh, we’re going to play. We are just going to play my way–not yours. Got it?”

“You heard her. Samantha’s way. That’s the only way you get to cum,” Mindy said, lowering those swollen, moist lips to the very tip of my nose, barely grazing it. I inhaled deeply. I felt my cock flinch in my tied up fist.

“Stroke it.”

Samantha’s voice was stern. She meant business, and I was so hot I didn’t care any more. I started jacking off my meat, feeling the nylon rope tugging at my knuckles and wrist with each stroke. I started moaning and groaning–I couldn’t help it–as Mindy finally lowered that slick, wet, throbbing cunt onto my face. Her slender, hard thighs were pressing in against my cheeks. I felt trapped. But I didn’t want to be anywhere else and began licking furiously, swallowing every bit of juice that ran onto my tongue.

I felt myself riding that wave, could feel my balls drawing up and tightening, when Samantha grabbed my wrist. She didn’t stop me, but slowed my pumping down just enough that I couldn’t cum. I was losing my mind.

“I said my way, baby, and I mean it. So what’s it gonna be? Huh? My way or no cummy for cocky? You tell me.”

“Answer her,” Mindy said, lifting up. She shoved those slender fingers into her pussy and rotated her hips. “You want more of this? Do you? Do you want to jerk that dick of yours?  Then tell Samantha you’ll do what your told.”

“Yes.  Fuck it. Yes. Just let me cum. Let go of my arm. Just tell me what you want.  I’ll do it, damn it, I’ll do it.”

“Good boy! That’s just what I needed to hear.”

Samantha finally let go of my wrist, then slid up between my legs.  She reached under my knees and started pushing my legs up.  I was so out of it, I didn’t really get what was going on, but then Mindy was wrapping her sticky fingers around my neck, cupping my jaw, me still looking up into that beautiful slit.  I think I was whimpering at that point, watching my pelvis moving closer to my face, seeing my fist-wrapped, dripping prick right there.  Right there in front of my fucking face and I didn’t even care now, because I would do anything to cum.  And the girls knew it.

“Open your mouth and jerk,” Mindy said as her thumbs slid into the corners of my mouth.”

Samantha giggled.  “Go ahead.”  That stern voice again.  “You got your threesome, now you’re going to show your appreciation.”  I could feel Mindy wedging her thumbs, forcing my mouth open.

I started jerking, moaning, bucking my hips, grunting.

“You gonna cum, Jerky Boy?  You gonna swallow your load?” Mindy taunted.

And then there it was, gushing into my mouth, all over my face, down my chin.

I was cumming so hard,  I could feel my curved tailbone bouncing off the mattress, the muscles in my thighs clenching and un-clenching as I humped my own hand.

And I swallowed and I swallowed and I swallowed.

Because You Asked

You’re less than average, honey. I married you because I love you, not because of your sexual abilities. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here in this bed beside me.

So why do you think I should waste my time letting you climb on top of me to hump away on me like a rabid monkey?

I would never leave you. I mean, you can’t help it. Like I said, I love you. I just find you–shall we say–a little less than exciting. Perhaps even a bit inadequate. I mean, after all, you don’t even really cum like a real man, do you now? More like a little spritz, an itty-bitty trickle of a little bit of nothing. I don’t even believe you’ve got enough sperm in those little peanuts of yours to get me pregnant. Not that we need worry about that, because, like I said, that little thingy is not getting wet tonight or any night.

Damn it! Stop looking so pathetic. The truth is best. Take it like a man, if you can work yourself up to that. And, besides, I know you visit those porn sites and play with tinkerbell the entire time. I’ve seen you, darling. Don’t deny it. Catherine and I caught you at it just last week. Remember Thursday night? When you heard us laughing in the kitchen and came running downstairs? Fumbling with your zipper?

Why are you blushing? See what I mean? Men don’t blush. Now, dear, put the little guy away. Go ahead. Tuck it back in your boxers. That’s a good boy. It’s so much better when you face facts, isn’t it?

And honey? Before you go to sleep, go downstairs and get me a glass of wine.

Cum-Conditional Love

I thought you wanted me. Show me you love me and put these on.

I do. I want you so bad I can’t stand it. Why are you doing this, Sabrina? Why are you acting like this? I DO love you and I DO want to fuck you.

I have my reasons. Now put on the panties like you were told.

My cock is throbbing.  You’ve been playing with it all day. Why can’t we have sex like we usually do, like we did Thursday night?

Because that was before and this is now.

Before what? What in the hell are you talking about?

Here, I am just going to run my nail under and around your balls while I tell you, honey. Does that feel good, baby?

Aghhh… Let’s go to bed, Sabrina. I want to fuck you so bad.

Ewe…you’re dripping onto my wrist. Here, lick it off, you nasty boy.

Christ, Sabrina.

Thursday night was before you flirted with Callie. Now, lick it off or I’ll dig these French nails into your balls. DO IT!

Ok! There! Are you happy now? And I was just talking to Callie, not flirting. Who told you I was flirting with her?

Don’t worry about that right now. Would you like me to play with your cock? Rub it and make it feel good?

Please, baby, please! I’ll do anything.

Then put on these panties, and I’ll give you a nice treat. You want a treat don’t you?

This is stupid. I didn’t flirt with Callie.

You heard me. If that cock wants my attention, you better do what you’re told.

Ok, Sabrina. You win. How’s this? Satisfied?

Almost. Awe! Your cock looks so pretty, pressed against that satin. How do they feel?

They’re kind of tight.

I guess I will have to buy some in your size. Now sit in this chair and close your eyes.


You want your treat or not?

Alright, I’m sitting in the damn chair and closing my eyes. But what do you mean you are going to buy me panties. What are you talking about? Hey, wait!  What in the hell are you doing?

Shhhhh… Be a good boy. There we go. These handcuffs aren’t too tight, are they?

This is crazy, let me go. Aghhh…

See, baby, I love you sooo much! Doesn’t my hand feel good, stroking that fatty of yours through the panties? Oooh… You are so hard, honey. And you’re leaking!

Damn it! Unlock these handcuffs! My balls are aching! I need to cum!

Here, I am just going to lift up my skirt and straddle your lap. Mmmm… That big dick feels so good rubbing up against my pussy. Maybe I should take off my panties so we can get it inside. Oh, you are the one in panties, not me. Tee Hee.

Urgh…. Arghhh… Please, Sabrina, please!

No, darling, there won’t be any cumming for that hard dick of yours today! Maybe not for a long time. But it’s what’s best. I promise.

What do you mean, it’s best? How can it be best? My balls are aching!

You need to learn to behave and not flirt. We know it’s not your fault. Of course it isn’t. You love me, after all. So we need to train that nasty little pecker of yours. Then everything will be fine.

What in the hell are you talking about? Who is the “we” you are talking about?

Why, me and Callie, of course! She should be here any minute. She’s offered to help me with the training. She’s such a good friend.


Just get comfortable, honey. You are going to be eating a lot of pussy tonight.


  1. Smelling the lilac print panties and jerking off. They were your sister’s.
  2. The crack whore you fucked every night for two weeks. In your mother’s bed. You didn’t even bother to change the sheets before she came home from vacation.
  3. The Dominatrix you saw in Phoenix. She fucked your ass. So did her dog.
  4. How many times have you beat off thinking about your wife’s friend? Her sister? Her mother? Her colleague?
  5. The guy you sucked off at the rest stop.
  6. The girl you fucked in the ass. Then you made her suck your cock. She was crying the entire time, but she loved you and did it. And you didn’t care.
  7. Your daughter’s friends. A little young for you, eh? But then, nobody but you knows what you’re thinking about when you fuck your wife…do they?
  8. Bet you’ve never told anyone about the threesome in Mexico and everything they put up your ass that night.
  9. The gangbang after the football game when you were a senior. You went last–after four of your buddies. Why did you go down on her before you fucked her? Did you like the taste of all that spooge mixed together?
  10. The time you wore your wife’s panties to work under your Dockers.