A sub-fetish of Erotic Humiliation, Penis Humiliation is the hottest thing in Phone Sex these days. And while some readers might think this an odd fantasy/fetish/kink, most Phone Sex Operators are quite used to it and actually have a lot of fun with it.

Think of it as a form of VERBAL BDSM. I mean, after all, the Phone Domme can’t really use whips and chains and Ben Gay (ouch, indeed, very much). But she can use words. It is arguably more erotically powerful to dominate with real words — real bad, mean words — rather than “and now I am going to beat you.” And what matters most to a man? His dick. It may seem a trite observation, but it is nonetheless true.

I often say that our poor men — they just can’t help it. After all, it’s like God created them with the supreme disadvantage of having a gear shift sticking out right there, right there in front for the world to see … even with the cover of trousers! How can the NOT think about it all the time? And it makes them very vulnerable, doesn’t it?

So why not go for the girth? Make every word count and hit him with those words where it hurts the most? Only, in this case, with pain — there’s no gain. Little Willie leaves the encounter none the worse for the wear … but none the better. His sad puny prick is still sad and still puny.

It makes sense. Penis size is very much on the male mind (don’t ask — he won’t admit it) at least some of the time. Horns-waggling, doolally spammers bank on it. In my personal email recently:

Female Orgasms: Bigger means Better for your Woman
Your tool is so small she hardly finds it in bed?
Penetrate Deeper
Enhance your masculine tool
Fill out your erectile tissue
Enlarging your male weapon means winning a competition
From now on you will be able to satisfy each size-queen
Your male power will return like a boomerang

Now, admittedly, this Mystery Meat (pun intended) was more than likely sent from the one and only internet cafe in some backward jungle — the spammer believing the hype of myriad porn sites. But he is on to something and it must make money, because everybody finds this stuff in their in-boxes. Even me, and I have a very feminine personal email address. It’s the marketing method of Quantity over Quality … just like a Size Queen Fantasy! The irony is delicious.

Besides being a subcategory of Erotic Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation is a major theme in Cuckolding Fantasies. Particularly when the Cuckoldress’s lovers are studly black bulls. It’s the stark differences that give these fantasies their edge: Black vs. White, Woman vs. Male, Wife vs. Husband, Large vs. Small. So, even if it’s not quite your thing, perhaps you can understand that, for others, it’s sizzling hot.

Forced Bi Fantasies will often contain at least a portion of Small Penis Humiliation, with size functioning to underline one’s role in the fantasy: large equals dominant, small equals submissive. The feeling of tractability can be deeply enhanced when the physicality of size is used as emphasis.

So Big Cock, Small Cock, Average Cock … what’s it all about, Angela?

Well, you might recall that I actually wrote an about this in an essay, Erotic Humiliation is Not an Oxymoron, for the book, Sex Kitten Presents the BDSM Issue. While I don’t discuss Small Penis Humiliation per se, I do talk about the “fantasy” of being verbally humiliated, taunted and abused by a beautiful and powerful FemDom.

As far as me, personally: Is bigger better? Do I or don’t I? Well, you’ll just have to READ ALL ABOUT IT.

xo, Angela