let it kill you
she said
let it drag you down
to rend wide your catholic breast
chew up your heart
then force feed it back to you

let it drown you
she said
let it pluck out your eyes
so you can cry their unstopped tears
like the crosspatch cunt you are
while the brooding sewer collects its bounty

let it maim you
she said
let it mangle your pious limbs
like yesterday’s good news
like tomorrow’s false prophets
til the only thing left is alphabet soup

listen hard, listen close
she said:

throw it up
bleed it out
spit it over the rainbow
piss it under the rug
whistle it while you work
howl it to the moon and back
scream, bitch, scream

i’ve always known best
she said:

so suck it up, soldier girl
then lay it down like napalm perfume
and don’t you dare ignore it
and don’t you dare disguise it
and don’t you dare embellish it
with your rococo gilt and glitter lipsticks
scream, bitch, scream

you should know by now
to never haggle with yourself